What is STiLE??




This year KindTree - Autism Rocks is preparing to offer a new service to families and individuals 18 years and older living in Lane County who are experiencing a developmental disability. The program title is Skills Training for an Independent Living Experience, or STiLE. This will be a branch of KindTree Productions and licensed through the DD Licensing Unit of the Office of Licensing and Quality of Care with the Oregon Department of Human Services. The program will be able to bill for support services through the brokerages. Initially the program will be limited to small group trainings that are 4-8 weeks in duration taught by highly qualified instructors with plans to expand services in 2013.


A significant amount of discussion and research has already occurred for this service with plans to continue outreach and networking in our community. The KindTree Board of Directors is excited about this new opportunity and believes the organization is uniquely qualified to fill a huge gap in disability services. There is an unmet need in our community for independent skills training for young adults with developmental disabilities who are aging out of the education system and are preparing to move out on their own, and adults of all ages who are moving out of their parents' home and aren't quite ready to tackle all the facets of living independently without training and help. We also witness people struggling in their attempts to negotiate the larger world of social interactions, safe relationships, making and keeping friends, and managing money. STiLE will offer services and skill instruction designed to foster self-awareness, self-advocacy, and help individuals establish and maintain healthy relationships both at home and in the community. The trainings will emphasize increasing independence, communication and socialization skills, community involvement, and opportunities for sensory stimulation and creativity. Possible group activities will include cooking, healthy eating, social skills, art production, and more.


Another goal of the program is to provide a trained and competent staff of direct care workers that can provide community inclusion and supports for individuals experiencing disabilities. We will share more specifics as we go forward with this.


KindTree - Autism Rocks is dedicated to Serving and Celebrating People on the Autism Spectrum through Art, Recreation and Community. This "grass roots" advocacy organization is known for reaching out to people on the autism spectrum, their families and care givers. We believe that through the power of self-advocacy in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect, autistic and neuro-normal people alike can work toward self-realization. Our goal with STiLE is to offer quality services that enhance self-esteem and build skills that enhance daily living. To accomplish our plan acquiring start up funds will be necessary. Your continued financial support, assistance with fundraising, and donor contacts will help grow our organization and STiLE. To learn more about this new service, to get involved in the program development, or help with fundraising, please contact stile@kindtree.org.

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