TREE by Rosette Wolf


I am a tall and beautiful tree

The rainforest is my home, and for many years I have had to fight for my place in the sunlight. My branches stretch upwards, reaching for the sky, each leaf is an idea, small faded half formed thoughts mingle with deep green plans and stories. My branches are home to many creatures; good and bad, small dark snakes and bright colorful birds, creeping spiders and large and small mammals. The creatures belong to me, but I do not belong to the creatures.

My roots seep down into the earth, at first pale and blighted by past mistakes, problems yet unsolved, and worries yet unspoken. But through the tangle of sickness my true roots break through like the sunlight through the clouds and they grow deeper and deeper down into the center of the earth.

All throughout the year my tree is blooming, bright flowers in gold, red and pinks, blues, purples, and greens. My flowers bloom big and beautiful, and with each breath of the wind I share my seeds with the world.

Merchandise Photo