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From our blog:

Aren’t We All a Little Bit Autistic? by David Olson

“In order to fully integrate the human family, differences need to be understood and celebrated.”

Neurotypical Disorder Causes Problems for Some, Hope for Others (A Satirical Work) by David Olson

“Sammy is one of the 67 in 68 children who suffers from neurotypical disorder. Neurotypical disorder impedes the sufferer's ability to function separately from a social group, as well as limiting the logical thought process.”


From the KindTree website:

Did jazz great “Bix” Beiderbecke Have Aspergers? by Howard Falk

 “…while hearing an informal performance of a French art song, after the song concluded quietly, almost silently, all of the listeners were still glued in their seats, but Bix instantly sprang up from out of his seat, rushed over to the piano while reacting “Hey–wow, those last chords, what were they?!”


The Art of Mindfulness by Alisa McLaughlin

“Believe it or not even the scatterbrain of  someone with ASD can do this. Trust me.”


Welfare Check by T.R. Kelley

“My retired (US Gov't NPS) mother patiently researched my case and navigated the Social Security and legal mazes on my behalf for EIGHT YEARS to get that formal diagnosis of what made me .… like that.“

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