KindTree-Autism Rocks Again!


   Our 3rd Annual PROM on May 18th featured live music from the Joanne Broh Band, a birthday celebration and wedding reception.  The event raised money to offset the costs of offering the Autism Rocks Friends and Family camp and resupply the Riley Campbell Camp Scholarship Fund.    We want to thank the PROM Coordinators, our volunteers and sponsors that made this event possible and our DJ Jivin Johny who volunteered his time along with about 50 others.  First on the list is Jen Wassermiller, Silent Auction Coordinator, and her committee members: Sue LaMarche, Linda Frazer, Shirley Valentine, Mary King, Denise Ward and Jessamy Fabricant and the “Runners” Eileen Brixey, Johanna Magner, Maureen Files, Tessa Pierce, Julie Hutchings, and Maggie Pecora.  Next are Phyllis Haddox and her team of 10 that decorated the ballroom for the PROM and her wedding reception.    

We also want to thank Siuslaw Bank for their financial sponsorship and Mary Bartlett and John Keskinen for being our cashiers.  Thanks to Mary-Minn Sirag doing our data entry, solicitor of donations, and in charge of the clean-up crew that included Saul Paul Sirag, Dave Kalsatad, Clarence Townsend, Eileen Brixey, Julie Alexander, Tessa Pierce and others awake enough to stay and clean.  A special thank you to Sheryl Stassi-Lampman who helped plan, coordinate and oversee The PROM and negotiate the double booking of the ballroom on the day of the event.  Eileen Brixey was our volunteer coordinator and helped with the Silent Auction that raised over $3,000.  Tim Mueller was fabulous as always doing tons of behind the scene work including selling tickets, managing publicity, appearing on TV and radio publicity spots, sending out emails and helping with the entertainment and the night of the event logistics.    

We want to thank those people that helped with donations.  That group spent over 300 hours soliciting donations for The PROM’s Silent Auction.  This was a dedicated group of people that started asking for donations in January.   The list includes Molly Elliott, Mary-Minn Sirag, Johanna Magner, Maggie Pecora, Phyllis Haddox, Isbel Inman, Jessamy Fabricant, Tim Mueller, Jen Wassermiller, Sue LaMarche, Dayan Campbell, Sheryl Strassi-Lampman, Clarence Townsend, Andrea Farr, Elizabeth Gerlach, Sheila Thomas, and Dyan Campbell.

 We had several new volunteers join us this year including Andrea Farr who helped with the Silent Auction, our Raffle, and the Entertainment Committee, and Denise Ward and Dave Kalstad.  We want to thank Alina Padilla-Miller who created our PROM Brochure, Save-the-Date and The PROM poster and our photographers, Roger Rix and Lorraine Kerwood, the dance instructors Robert Phaigh and Laura Taylor, and the Slug Queens, Sarah Ulerick and Joan Cypress-Queen Scarlett.    Thanks also to Tracy Kribbs for ticket sales and Andrea Raymond for her help with sponsorships and Kate Hulpke and Darrie Malsch as our greeters and Meagan and Mark Turner as t-shirt vendors.  

Our 2014 PROM Sponsors included: G4 Printing, United by Music of North America, Mac’s at the Vet’s Club, Gateway Living, Value Village, The Million Dollar Roundtable Foundation, Siuslaw Bank, Harder, Wells, Baron and Manning Attorneys at Law, and several private individuals. 

   Mark you calendar for next year’s PROM. Saturday, May 16, 2015 at the Vet’s Club Ballroom.  We will have a fabulous group of musicians, PROM outfits, and silent auction items.  Call or email Molly Elliott if you are interested in joining our volunteer crew next year. or 541-747-6938 and thanks to everyone that purchased tickets, brought friends, and joined the “fun” in our fundraiser. 

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Merchandise Photo