Our 5th Annual PROM, May 21st, featured live music from the Joanne Broh Band, and special guests Paula Vaden and Teresa Cunningham. The PROM raised money to offset costs of  the Autism Rocks Friends and Family camp and office administration. The event was attended by KindTree supporters, people with and without autism, people with beautiful PROM outfits, people with wild and crazy outfits and the general public. We were there to celebrate and have fun while financially supporting KindTree - Autism Rocks. Those who attended had a wonderful evening of fun dancing and socializing.  

We want to thank the PROM coordinators, our volunteers and sponsors that made this event possible and our DJ, Joseph McKinney, who volunteered his time along with about 60 others. First on the list is Eileen Brixey, Silent Auction Basket Coordinator, and her committee members: Sue LaMarche, Mary-Minn Sirag, Linda Frazer, Mary King, Denise Ward, Johanna Magner, Jen Wasermiller, Michelle Naidoo, Pat Friedl, Molly Elliott, Jene Conrad, Molly Patterson, Peggy Medford, Sparrow, Keren Levine, Mary Jane Schrum, Mariam Forset, Lois Keefer, Mary Beth Bonte, Doris Germaine, Sarah Pearson, Jessamy Fabricant and Brant Dutton. Next are Phyllis Haddox and her team of 10 that decorated the ballroom for the PROM and Chrissy Piersol, Andrea Farr and Phyllis Haddox for the amazing raffle that netted almost $1,000. A special thank you to Peggy Medford for managing the desk, our photo booth photographer, Chalice Savage and family, and Sheila Thomas for her coordination of volunteers. We have a big thank you to the 2015 Slug Queen, Mark Roberts, “Queen Markalo Parkalo”, who kept us entertained throughout the evening and the Blue’s Sisters, Jennie and Joanie. We also want to thank Banner Bank, Sheppard Motors, ReStyle Design, Mac’s at the Vet’s Club, and Eugene Daily News for their financial sponsorship, and Wells Fargo Bank volunteers for being our cashiers. Tim Mueller was fabulous as always, managing publicity. Additional thanks to our amazing photographer, Roger Rix, and the many others who helped throughout the evening, including our cake servers, greeters and monitors.


Check out the amazing photos of our 2016 Annual PROM at our website kindtree.org or our Facebook page!

THANK YOU to all our donors!!


2016 PROM Individual Donors

Bonnevie, Joseph
Broh, Joanne
Bright, Nancy
Burrill, Penny
Betournay, Shirley
Donahue, Maggie
Elliott, Molly
Elliott, Mark
Frazer, Linda
Helfand, David
Jordan, Jane
Kline, Lisa
LaMarche, Sue
Lathrop, Randy
Lemshow, Jenya
Jammeh, Heather
Jordon, Jane
Khalsa, Jadish
Kline, Susan
Wassermiller, Jen
May, Nome
Mueller, Tim
Raymond, Andrea
Roberts, Mark
Sager, Jill
Simmons, Marie
Shain, Joy
Spresser, Debbie
Scott, Sue
Sirag, Mary-Minn
Speers, Lisa
Sullivan, William
Swenson, Katie
Theisen, Margaret
Thomas, John & Lorraine
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, Sheila
Twigg, Hannah
Unfried, Alana
Vendley, Marge
Ward, Denice
Wassermiller, Jen
Welch, Bob
Winkly, Bill
White Horse, Kate


2016 PROM Business
Silent Auction Donors

Absolute Health
Ambrosia Restaurant
Annie Heron’s Pottery
AllStar Rock Foundation
Balamonte Design
Beer Stein
Bijou Art
Bob Welch Books
Body of Light
BonJon Studio
Clothes Horse
Coburg Car Wash
Corn Bread Café
Corner Market
Cottage Grove Theater
Creswell Bakery
Dancers Closet
Dana’s Cheesecake
Depoe Bay Winery
Diamond Woods
Doble Enrendre
Down to Earth
Earnest Efforts
Earthworks Galleries
Emerald Valley Golf
Enchanted Forest
Evergreen Nutrition
Eugene Nutrition
Euphoria Chocolate
Eugene Symphony Francesca’s
Fiddler’s Green

  Friendly Market
Full Access
High Priestess
Garden Valley Trio
Gray’s Garden Center
4G Printing
Hands on Rhythm and Drums
Harlequin Beads
Healthy Pet
IBS Cosmetology and Massage
Joe’s Garage
Jewelry Expressions Students
KC Deluxe Products
Kendall Motors
Lane Forest Products
Lara Howe Designs
Mac’s at the Vets Club
Membrillo Restaurant
Mentor Oregon
Oregon Cont. Theatre
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Oregon Supported Living Program
Off the Waffle
Oregon Bookstore
Owyhee Media
Peggy Johnson
Passion Flower
Portland Spirit
Rexius Landscaping
Raven Frame Works
Reality Kitchen
Refuge Music Therapy
Sheppard Motor
s Sizzle Pie
Synergy Massage
Sundance Natural Foods
Sweet Life Desserts
Sy’s New York Pizza
Tamarack Wellness
Territorial Vineyards
Traditional American Barbershop
Touchstone Gallery
The Twisted Goddess
Two Chicks in a Hammock
Whistle Post Pottery
White Horse Designs
Value Village
Whale’s Nook
Wildlife Safari
Wild Birds Unlimited
Wheel Works


Merchandise Photo