Food cart brings newest U.S. food trend, jian bing, to Eugene, UO campus

Happy Go Lucky Crepes near UO campus serves up the hot, spicy egg-crepe combination that’s a popular street food in China

Ed Note: Lisa Kline is the parent of Luca, and they both attend the KindTree - Autism Rocks Friends and Family Camp.

For about five years, Lisa Kline sold European-style crepes at fairs and festivals, before taking a chance in November and opening her cart weekdays on a corner right next to the University of Oregon bookstore.

Streams of students pass by on their way to and from classes, some stopping by for one of the thin pancakes filled with savory and sweet ingredients, such as mushrooms and goat cheese or Nutella with bananas. Yet, her most popular menu item is something entirely new for Kline — and isn’t European at all.

Soon after arriving at her new location, Kline stumbled upon a burgeoning food trend in the United States. She learned from international students about jian bing, a popular street food in China.

It starts with a crepe batter and takes a turn from there to include a cracked egg, salty and spicy fillings and even a crunchy doughnut.

Now, just three months after Klein moved to her UO area location, jian bing is by far the most popular food she sells. In fact, it makes up about two-thirds of her business.

“It’s a kind of different concept of flavor and texture, which is what makes them really unique,” said Kline, who calls her food cart Happy Go Lucky Crepes.

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