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Introducing Drawing Autism

March 2014

Later this month, Akashic Books is publishing DRAWING AUTISM,  an empowering and beautiful new art book featuring the work of over forty artists diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, edited by behavior analyst and autism advocate Jill Mullin. We've timed the publication to lead into Autism Awareness Month, and are holding the book's launch on World Autism Awareness Day at the UN bookstore on April 2, 2014. The book will also be celebrated at a pre-launch book party at Pure Vision Arts (see below for details on both events).

DRAWING AUTISM directly serves the goal of Autism Awareness Month, giving families and loved ones affected by autism access to the unique—and often exhilarating—ways individuals diagnosed with ASD see the outside world, and how they interpret their place in it. DRAWING AUTISM can help readers, family members, teachers and loved ones recognize the potential that a person with autism possesses.

We're eager to share the work's overwhelmingly optimistic message to the families and friends of individuals on the spectrum. To this end, please note that bulk discounts are available to organizations for use in giveaways and fundraisers, and the book is available at a 25% discount on our website.


Drawing Autism


Drawing Autism
Edited by Jill Mullin | Foreword by Temple Grandin

Far from a clinical book, Drawing Autism offers a breathtaking survey of the bountiful self-expression recognizable in autistic individuals worldwide. Spanning 160 full-color pages, the book comprises a staggering array of work from established artists such as Gregory L. Blackstock and Jessica Park, to the unknown but no less talented.

Mullin’s introduction and the foreword by best-selling author Temple Grandin provide an overview of autism and advocate for nurturing the talents, artistic and otherwise, of autistic individuals.

Editor Jill Mullin (MA, MSEd, BCBA) was inspired to create Drawing Autism when she met autistic artist Glen Russ in her capacity as a behavior analyst. She was taken by the weekly drawings he made of his favorite musicians. Not only were the drawings stylistically captivating and utterly unique, but they also provided Mullin important clues into how Russ interacted with the outside world. After a decade of working with individuals with ASD, Mullin began to perceive how the different aspects of autism manifest visually through artistic output. Drawing Autism was born of that understanding, and the results are spectacular.

Book Events!

Jill Mullin, editor of Drawing Autism, will soon appear in New York and beyond!

Thurs., March 20, 2014
Pure Vision Arts
114 West 17th Street
Artwork from Temple Grandin, Jessica Park, Barry Kahn, Susan Brown, and other artists featured in the collection will be on display. Editor Jill Mullin and select artists will be in attendance.

Wed., April 2, 2014
12:00-1:00 PM
World Autism Awareness Day
United Nations Headquarters
866 UN Plaza
Jill Mullin will appear in the United Nations' "Meet the Author" series!

Thurs., April 17, 2014
7:00 PM
BookEnds Winchester
559 Main Street

Jill Mullin and special guest artist/Drawing Autism contributor John Williams. Cosponsored by The Asperger's Association Artist Collaborative Gallery.

Wed., May 5, 2014
time TBA
Littlefield Performance and Art Space
622 Degraw Street

Extreme Kids & Crew's Annual Gala. Jill Mullin will receive the inaugural Felix in Art award!

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