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New this Holiday Season, 2015

Make a recurring donation to support KindTree - Autism Rocks
on a regular, ongoing basis,
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Whatever you choose, your dollars will apply directly to our programs
serving and celebrating people on the Autism Spectrum



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Friend of KindTree - $100:

"To Serve and Celebrate People on the Autism Spectrum through Art, Recreation and Community."

Directed Donations: choose from the drop down menu lists at right and we will use your donation for your intended purpose. Just click on "Your Donations". (Options explained below)  
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Camp/Retreat Scholarship Sponsorships:
Go here for more Camp/Retreat information. Sponsorships are $175 for a Family of 3 to attend. 2013 saw over 20 people receiving scholarships. 

We are saddened to announce the Spring 2013 passing of Riley Campbell, age 36, KindTree participant and board member Dyan Campbell's son. Camp/Retreat donations to the Riley Campbell Memorial Scholarship Fund can be made in his memory.  Thank you!


Choose to support a scholarship today.

Sign up for eScrip!! This program can send a percentage of each purchase you make at a participating merchant to KindTree Productions! Just go to and enroll. It took me about 5 minutes. Enter our ID # 153141696 or Eugene or search for KindTree. It's pretty simple.



Participating merchants include VISA, MasterCard, Big 5 Sports, Carl's Junior, PC Market of Choice, Whole Foods Markets, Wild Oats, Office Max, AAMCO, Edie Bauer, Sharper Image, Payless Shoes, and many more. What'cha waiting for?


How you can help...

We raise a good share of our budget from people like you - people who believe making community is an important part of your life, and who believe people with disabilities - like autism - are part of that community.

Today we're trying to make in easier and more convenient for you to fulfill your goal of reaching out to sometimes neglected members of your community. You can become a friend of KindTree - Autism Rocks just by clicking below and making a credit card payment.

KindTree has friends as far away as London and as close by as across the street.

Wanna join us? (Go here for Volunteer Opportunities)

Donation options include:

General Donations, of an amount of your choosing, to help us cover day to day expenses.

Our Art Program offers art works created by people who have autism spectrum disorders. We participate in local events offering for sale cards, prints and a wide variety of original art produced by people with autism. We create income for the artists and lets everyone know who they are. The show has appeared at the Oregon Developmental Disabilities In-Service in Salem, the Hilyard Community Center, The Unitarian-Universalist Church, Lane Community College, Territorial Vineyards, DIVA, the Jazz Station, Passion Flower Gifts, New Zone Gallery, Maude Kerns Art Center and more. We celebrate our artists with a gala opening, giving neuro-normal people a chance to rub elbows with some notable autists, and autists palpable proof of their self-worth and a market for their art.
Our expenses include materials to produces the prints, frames and display equipment for our permanent collection, and general funds to lsupport our outreach effort for new artists. And art classes are on the drawing board.

The support group, conceived for people with high-functioning autism and Aspergers, has been meeting monthly for years. Cheryl Nel Applegate, a retired professional in the developmental disabilities field, is the facilitator. There are about 8 hard-core regulars and new arrivals often join; they range from 19 to 50 years old. They share stories and discuss different challenges posed by living with autism spectrum disorders. It's a safe place.
KindTree pays rental on the meeting space plus notices mailed out every month. We also host a party once a year. Fun!

STiLE Program Already serving over 60 people, this programn provides Life Skills Trainings designed for people on the autism spectrum, and open to other disabilities. Read more here.

Publications: Reaching Out--Reaching In, our thrice yearly newsletter, goes out to over 1000 households. In addition to publicizing upcoming KindTree events, our newsletter contains writings by people with autism spectrum disorders, reports on medical discoveries, and other news in the autism community. We also produce the KindTree eFlash!, an e-newsletter going out to 0ver 800 address monthly.
Publications are our biggest money sink. We don't charge for subscriptions in order to maximize distribution. Each issue costs over $1000. We sure could use some help here!

Corporate Donations: Options include Newsletter Sponsorships, Gala Opening Sponsorships, Group Camp Volunteer Plan, Camp Sponsorships and Scholarships, and more. Your company will be featured in all our publications, reaching more than 1500 people per month, plus online visits of over 100 per day. Your company could also purchase a Thank You Card Set and print for your customers and office through our Artist Challenge Program. (more info here). Call 541.689.2228 for more information on how we can help each other.

If you just want to send a check, please don't hesitate. Send to:

KindTree - Autism Rocks
P O Box 40847
Eugene, OR 97404



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