March 2014


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Financing Your Adoption


The cost of adoption should not be a barrier for any family. The following are some resources families can use to assist them on their adoption journey:


Adoption Subsidies - Adoption subsidies allow families to access services for their children, such as medical care, therapy, tutoring programs, special equipment, and more. These subsidies are available to families who adopt a child with "special needs". Adoption subsidies are funded by Title IV-E Adoption Assistance Program and state money, or just state money. These subsidies are in place to help remove some of the barriers to get children adopted, but are not meant to cover the entire cost of the adoption or raising a child. Benefits are determined on an individual basis and the amounts cannot exceed what a child would have received if he/she remained in foster care.


Adoption Tax Credit - The adoption tax credit has helped families claim adoption-related expenses since its creation in 1997. The tax credit applies to all types of adoptions, except for stepparent adoptions. How much of a tax credit a family receives is based on their income. For 2013, the maximum adoption credit and exclusion is $12,970 per child. Qualified adoption expenses include adoption fees, attorney fees, court costs, and travel expenses.


Military Adoption Benefits - Adoption assistance is available for active or retired military members. For qualifying adoption expenses, military members may receive up to $2,000 per child under the age of 18, or up to $5,000 for multiple adoptions in a calendar year. Qualifying expenses include public and private agency fees, placement fees, legal fees, medical expenses, certain hospital expenses for newborns, and temporary foster care charges.


Employee Benefits - Some employers may reimburse families for adoption costs, paid or un-paid time off, and other support services. Talk to your employer to find out if they offer employee benefits. You may also contact the Dave Thomas Foundation at 1-877-777-4222 or

for more information. 




Additional Resources


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For more information on Military Adoption Benefits, please visit the following pages:


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For more information on Employee Adoption Benefits, please visit the following pages:


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Recent Matches!  


Congratulations to the following families who were matched in February and March!


-C & K

-C & H with a sibling group on our site!

-M. C.

-S & J with a sibling group on our site!

-L & J with a sibling group on our site!

-L & L with a child on our site!

- B & D

-J & M

-J & J

-C & R with a sibling group on our site!

-M & C

-L & D

-M & K with a child on our site!

-A & J with a child on our site!

-D. C.

-M & V with a child on our site!

-T & P

-E & H with a sibling group on our site!




Recent Placements!


Congratulations to the following families who were placed in February and March:

-L. L.

-E & N

-B & C




Volunteer Needs


Family Adoption Specialist: The Matching Assistance Program is looking for a Family Adoption Specialist to work alongside our Matching Assistance Families. It is the responsibility of the Family Adoption Specialist to read over a family's biography and provide suggestions for improvements, assist families with offsite submissions, provide support, and resources. This position can be done remotely anywhere in the country.


Desired qualifications include:


- Computer proficiency

- The ability to work with minimal supervision while completing work in a timely manner

- Excellent verbal and written skills with the ability to communicate across diverse populations

- The ability to provide support, empathy and resources to adoptive families

- A strong sense of customer service


Please contact the Matching Assistance Coordinator at 

to learn more about the position. Training will be provided. A commitment of at least 5 hours a week is preferred.

Matching Assistance Program

If you are a home study approved family seeking to adopt from foster care, consider signing up for our FREE Matching Assistance Program! Some of our site features include suggested matches, the ability to mark children as a favorite, add notes, and see recruitment updates for children as we receive them, to name a few!


Our goal is to work alongside families, providing them with one-on-one communication, assurance, and support during the submission and waiting process. As a member of Matching Assistance you will have the ability to submit your home study and family profile for over 2,000 waiting children and sibling groups listed on our site, with the assurance that your submission is going directly to a child's caseworker.


Your adoption worker will be receive a copy of your submission with information on where to follow up, so they will be kept in the loop. In addition, you will have the opportunity to partake in our very successful recruitment services; receive weekly how to emails containing valuable information and resources about foster care adoption; receive weekly emails featuring recently listed children; have access to knowledgeable and helpful staff, and more!


Last year we saw 40 families matched and placed with children through our program. This year so far, we have seen 9 families matched with children through our program.


Sign up today to take full advantage of our free program!



Waiting Agency Family

Meet Kim and Rob!


Hello, we are currently a family of three - Rob, Kim, and Lucas, our eight-year-old adopted son from Russia. We have two dogs, two cats, and eight fish. We are exited about adopting a child between the ages of 2-8 of either gender, and of any ethnic or racial heritage. We look to welcome a child into our home that would like to have a brother and loves animals, the outdoors, and an active lifestyle because these are big parts of our lives.


We enjoy hiking with our dogs, kayaking, playing at the beach, swimming, boating, bike riding, playing at the playground, traveling, camping, going up to the snow to go skiing, sledding, or snowshoeing, and finding new areas to explore. We also love playing music, reading, playing cards, playing board games, playing Wii, and watching movies.


We are fully committed to the child we seek to adopt. We have had numerous challenges not only getting through the adoption of our son, who we adopted from Russia when he was 14 months old, but in the many challenges we have faced together since our adoption. We have never hesitated to reach out to therapists, counselors, friends, and family to help our son and us adjust to the needs of our son. We will never give up on any of our children - just like we would never give up on each other - and will love him or her unconditionally.


Learn more about Kim and Rob! 




Waiting Matching Assistance Family

Meet Michele and Jeff!



We are a very active, fun and loving family of three looking to add another child or sibling group between the ages of 2 to 13 (Caucasian/Biracial/Hispanic). Our almost 6-year-old son Jack is adopted as part of our open adoption plan and it has been an amazing experience for all of us. We are in contact with his birth mom often and see his birth family at least two times a year.


Jack is growing up knowing how much he is loved by everyone. Any child we are matched with may have ties to their biological family and we will encourage that contact when necessary. We believe this is essential for a child to understand adoption and grow up knowing where they came from.


We both work at great companies and are extremely thankful that we are able to maintain employment today. Jack just started Kindergarten and loves it!


During the work week our nights are spent literally playing with Jack from the time we walk in the door until bedtime. We do homework together, play indoor/outdoor sports, character role play (always in a costume), read books, play games, etc. On Friday nights we have this tradition of spreading out a blanket on the living room floor, eating homemade pizza and having a picnic while watching a movie. Jack looks forward to this because he gets to stay up a little later!


The weekends are often filled with activities, swim lessons and errands but the three of us do it all together because it's our "family time" to connect and catch up.


You have many choices in life but our choice was adoption and we can't imagine life without our beautiful boy. His birth mom is so thankful for us as we are of her. Our next child/sibling group is out there and we will find each other eventually. They will have unconditional love, security and trust. But most of all, a loving family to call their very own forever. They will finally have a special place to call home.


Learn more about Michele and Jeff! 



Register for Matching Events


A Family for Every Child offers two different matching events that families and caseworkers may partake in and benefit from. The first are Child Matching Events. During Child Matching Events, caseworkers may present the biographies of the waiting children on their caseload to home study approved families. In turn, families may ask the caseworker questions about the child, and then submit their home study at the end of the event if they are interested.


The second are Family Matching Events. During Family Matching Events, families may present their biographies to caseworkers, allowing caseworkers to ask questions and connect families with children on their caseload that they feel would be a good match for the family.

Keep checking the matching event pages to see additional children who will be participating in the event!


You may register for upcoming matching events and view past events all from our

Matching Events home page




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