Access to a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber 


   Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy can help with the following conditions: Autism; Cerebral Palsy; Dementia (Including Alzheimer's Disease); Lyme Disease; Macular Degeneration; Migraine Headaches and Other Pain Syndromes; Multiple Sclerosis; Osteomyelitis and Other Specific Infections; Other Surgical and Traumatic Wounds; Recovery from Cosmetic Surgery; Stroke; Traumatic Brain Injury

   We are a family in need of using a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. We can rent a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for one month, but due to the expense we would like to share it with others.

   The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber we are interested in renting is a minimum 1.3 ATA soft chamber. Recommended use is 5-7 times/week for one hour twice/day.

   Resource for people with Autism:

   The access we are offering would be for up to six people over one month period of time. People would have two assigned hours each day that would be their time to use the HBOC. Each person would need a ‘buddy’ we would train in how to use the HBOC and be present during each session to manage each session. In order to keep the cost low the minimum people needed to participate is five and the maximum would be seven. If we can find 5-7 people to cooperate then sessions could cost less than $10/session. 

   If you are interested or have questions please contact Amy at 541-521-5062 or

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